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Bulk SMS API: How it Benefits its Users

There has been a lot of discussion about the ways SMS can help to grow your business and provide you the information that you are looking for. But how the SMS service and the web service act in tandem can be understood when there is a clear picture about the API in use.

If there is one thing that people want to save more than money in today’s world, then it is time. Most of us want everything to get completed as fast as possible. That is why hand washes have been replaced by washing machines, pulsing food ingredients in a tureen has given way to choppers, mixers and grinders, and fast food joints are getting so popular. Among all these things, there is also the mobile phone that helps us to save time. It is not just about making and receiving calls; mobiles can be used as a great business tool. Now you do not need to understand the core workings of this method, but it is a good idea to have a fair understanding of the process.

We often see many cricket fans around us and on the day of an important match, they keep asking people about the score. But there are those smart people who just check their mobile phones to get the updates. You might be wondering how the mobile gives them the updates and what amount of money they are spending to get these updates. Well, these updates are inexpensive and they get these updates as they have subscribed to a site. Seems complicated? Here is the simplification…. There are several websites that provide minute to minute updates of such matches. You can subscribe to this website by creating a profile for yourself. You have to update your mobile number and also specify the types of updates you want. Here comes the function of the bulk SMS API. It acts as a middle man between the website and the subscriber. Just like you there are others too who have subscribed to these updates. The API sends out all these updates to all the subscribers at the same time. This web based SMS service works the other way round as well. People can post updates, news items and advertisements from their mobile phones on the sites they are subscribed to. The best part about using the bulk SMS API is that it is available round the clock, the messages can be sent in the form or text, picture, animation and with sound clips. Most of the websites charge a very nominal fee for subscription and sometimes there are those websites as well that offer these updates for free.

The numbers from which a user gets the updates are usually a short code or a long code. The former is a 4 or 5 digit number and the latter is a 10 digit number. Various websites have different ways of deciding which code to use to send out these messages and notification. It also depends on the mobile phone carrier and the connection provider. At times, the API also acts as a determinant as to whether the code should be short or long.


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