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SMS Messaging Service: Its Growth Curve

The SMS services started as a method to stay in touch with people on the move and then it grew to become a revolution. Now it is a method to advertise and market goods on a global market.


To most people, SMS is a two way communication system. This idea germinates from the thought that SMS can be used only as a personal communication mode where one person can send a text to another and expect a reply from him/her. This communication mode till a certain time was on a personal level only. But with time the brains of the industries tried and utilized the exchange of SMS to market and advertize goods. This upgrade meant a power shift in the SMS scene.


When the SMS exchange started being used for commercial purposes, a lot of factors came into play. The first thing that became global was the ability to create groups within your phone book lists. This way you could use the SMS messaging service to send an SMS to all the members in the group at the same time. This process could be implemented on a personal and a professional level. Say you want to invite 10 of your close friends to the party you are throwing at home, then all you need to do is create a group with the names of the friends and send an SMS to all of them at the same time. You can do the same if you need to circulate some important information to your office colleagues. This saves your time and money. But this method of sending SMS cannot be conducted for hundreds of people. The service providers limit the number of people you can add to a group. When this fad caught on, the media people started to see SMS as a potential carrier for bulk SMS. The process was a little different this time.


With the help of bulk SMS providers, advertisers could buy SMS units and then send a message with the details of products and services to hundreds of people at the same time. All they need is a PC where they can compose the message, a list of names to whom the message needs to be sent and a person who will do this job. The bulk SMS services reduced efforts, cut down the cost and hasten the process of communicating with people. Initially this SMS exchange process was just one way and people could only receive these SMS and not reply to them. But as time passed and advertisers realized the need to know what their customers thought about their advertising methods. This led them to create the two way messaging system so that the recipients could also reply to them. These replies could be questions about the SMS ad, suggestions to make these ads better and also to know where these products and services are available. Unlike the group messaging system that can be used only on small groups, the bulk messaging system is a global system. It can be sent to people from far and wide and also there is no restriction of the number of people it can be sent to.


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