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SMS Gateway SMPP, SMS SMPP Gateway, SMPP API Gateway launches SMPP (Short Message Peer-to-Peer) SMS connectivity for all high volume sms users.

Bulk SMS Connectivity over  SMPP offers a robust mechanism which can handle high volume traffic very efficiently. It also allow users to send Bulk sms with high throughput i.e. TPS (transactions per second) and better security.

SMPP Gateway API is perfectly suitable for the enterprises having month on month, recurring, high volume bulk SMS requirement. SMS SMPP gateway connectivity will be issued on demand as per the custom requirements of the clients. Moreover we have developed this service keeping an eye on the high volume bulk sms requirements of Bulk SMS Resellers, Banking, Insurance & other financial institutions in need of robust & extremely fast SMS alert service.

Advantage of Bulk SMS  SMPP Gateway connectivity:

  1. Bulk SMS  SMPP Gateway connectivity connects mVaayoo SMS gateway and client’s SMS gateway 24X7. No need of establishing connection before pushing
  2. Text SMS, Binary SMS, Flash SMS, Unicode SMS and Vcards can be pushed over SMPP Gateway
  3. Instant delivery
  4. Online Delivery reports.
  5. Dynamic sender ID option
  6. Multiple connectivities in backend for speedy delivery.

SMS SMPP connectivity can be ordered by sending mail to or call us at 91-9618844333.


December 14, 2009 at 4:54 pm

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