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How Mobile Advertising Came into Existence?

Just as paper and pen have given way to computers and laptops, in the same way mobile marketing is becoming the popular choice for people and they are selecting this over audio visual and print advertisement. But if one stops to wonder what has caused this change, they have to understand the process of the conventional advertisement system.

Mobile advertising is a new concept and it came only after people had tried all other means. The process of advertising is age old and it has been prevalent from the time of the Roman emperors. Ornaments were advertised on women and not mannequins during feasts and galas. Slowly the times changed and so did the attitude of people to advertisements. Print journalism became quite big and people started using it as a means to reach out to people. They allotted spaces for advertisements. With the advent of electronics came the radio. Making radio jingles became a popular method of marketing. Finally it was time for television and then came the audio visual ads. Things got serious as the world became very materialistic and people left no stone unturned to get the attention of the people they were targeting as their audience. When computers and mobile phones were introduced in the market, people first saw it as a medium to communicate with friends. But soon they expanded their horizons to realize that this could be used to advertise goods and services.

They started to send online SMS . It became a very easy mode to present before a target group the things that they needed to sell. The advantages were many and the effort was minimal. The main advantage was that the investment was extremely low. Next, there was no need to employ a group to do the work unlike audio visual advertisements where a lot of effort and manpower was required. It also did not need people to have a huge office setup to get the work going. A computer or a laptop is required with the names and mobile numbers of the target group and it is a one-man job to send all the SMS to people. In fact, this is a time saving method as all the SMS can be sent out to the intended audience at the same time. It works in the same way as sending e-mails.

Most of the entrepreneurs who use the mobile marketing method go for the bulk texting system. They employ a person to do this job. The sender needs to buy SMS units from SMS reseller and with the help of the SMS Gateway API, they are able to send out the messages to people. Normally before the process starts, the sender is provided with a list of names of all the people who are on the target audience list. This acts as a database and once the SMS has been composed, the sender enters the mobile numbers of all the intended recipients and sends the SMS so that it reaches them in one go.


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