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Send SMS in Regional Language

With majority of the Indian population still English illiterate and mobile penetration reaching close to 50%, gives a great opportunity for marketers/advertisers to capitalize on this and launch SMS advertising campaigns to reach this huge pool of customers in their local language.

This is where mVaayoo’s introduction of Unicode SMS (SMS in regional language) will fit into the Marketer’s scheme of things. On 8th March 2010, mVaayoo launched the feature of sending Bulk SMS in regional language through the existing SMS platform which is being used by 3000+ enterprises in India.

This platform makes it extremely easy for the marketer to launch his SMS promotion campaign in regional language within 5 steps,

1-Login, 2-Enter mobile numbers 3-Choose the language, 4-Type the Message & 5-Send.

Hindi SMS, Unicode SMS

To start with mVaayoo has introduced 9 Local Indian languages,

1. Hindi
2. Marathi
3. Telugu
4. Tamil
5. Kannada
6. Punjabi
7. Malayalam
8. Gujarati
9. Bengali

With the feedback from the customers & looking into the latest market requirements, we will launch even more languages in the future and probably launch some more new features like Voice SMS to reach larger population based in India.

For any further information on Regional Language SMS, please send in your queries to or call at +919618844333.


March 9, 2010 at 5:30 pm

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