Bulk SMS India – A New Mobile Revolution

India was woken up to a new mobile revolution and it is that of the bulk SMS. This system is taking the country by storm as several companies, government institutions and organizations are making use of it to reach out to people. Be it to inform people about a general protocol or to promote an upcoming event or the launch of a product, bulk SMS is being used almost everywhere. It can be used in a varied number of places.


The chain of bulk SMS in India is currently quite diverse. Say for example, the police department needs to make an announcement about a protocol that they will be introducing. The easiest way to make people aware of it is by sending bulk SMS to all the people. They can promote it elsewhere as well, like in the newspapers and the radio, but nothing reaches out to people more than an SMS. The same goes with nonprofit organizations. If an organization wishes to organize a candle light march to protest a certain activity, all they need to do is send out bulk SMS to the people of that area and appeal to them to join it, and the work is done. The turn around will be more than expected.


With every passing day, more and more organizations are useing this process to reach out to people as it is fast and cost effective, The mobile networks use bulk SMS gateway, which is a software and that helps the bulk SMS to reach the intended audience within a matter of minutes. Even though there is heavy network traffic, the SMS reach the intended audience fast and in time. This software also helps to transfer several SMS at a time and that makes a better impact. It would not make sense if one SMS reached a person now and the same SMS reached someone else an hour later. That way it would be difficult to synchronize the activities. This software takes away all these worries and makes sure that the impact that the sender wants to create, happens and with effect.


This bulk SMS system is also being used to vote. There are various TV shows that encourage viewers to respond by voting. These can be competitions, TV sagas, or even news items. The viewers are required to vote in favor of their favorite contestant, or the incident that they liked most or even the vote for their reaction to a real life news item. The voting SMS  system makes the viewers more involved in whatever is being telecast and that helps the TV show producers to understand the trend that the common public is following. This way a pattern is being set and people are becoming more vocal about their choices.


Overall, the bulk SMS system is making its presence felt in every nook and cranny of the society and common people are relying on this communication mode for the vital information that keeps their life going in full swing. India is becoming dependent on the bulk SMS system for the decisions the common man is making and the information that is being circulated in society.


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Marketing Benefits of Bulk Texting

SMS or short messaging service is a method of communication in which one user send a short text or picture message to another user using a cell phone. SMS has become a really popular method of communication because of the ever increasing popularity of cell phones. As technology has improved in the cyber age, SMS can also be sent through a website while earlier it was only possible to send a SMS between two cell phones.

Relationship between bulk texting and marketing

Bulk texting is a one to one approach of marketing where a potential or present customer gets information about the brand directly on their cell phones. Two way messaging has been found to be really beneficial for small and medium enterprises as they have a restricted marketing budget. With SMS marketing, they can ensure that they reach a large customer base directly without spending a large amount of money.

Advantages of two way messaging

The biggest advantage of bulk messaging is that it is cost effective. When compared to other methods of direct marketing like phone calls and one on one surveys, SMS texting is much cheaper and hence is beneficial for small and medium enterprises.

Another advantage is that bulk messaging requires minimum market research and a text marketing campaign can be started irrespective of the season or marketing trend. Potential customers can be reached at any time of the year, irrespective of the season.

These premium SMS service has an added advantage which allows customising SMSes very easily. Marketers can customise their messages according to the target base so that they can ensure better conversion rates as compared to more conventional marketing or advertising methods. Customised messages would ensure improved sales and increased exposure for the brand.

The success rate of a text message delivery is also an added advantage. Market surveys indicate that over 95% of cell phone users have their cell phones with them at any particular time. Further surveys also indicate that 94% of the text messages that are sent using two way messaging services are delivered to the end user. When we compare this with social media, only 9% of social media users are online at any particular time. Other direct methods of marketing also don’t fare well. For example, when we talk about phone calls, problems like busy users, switched off phones and out of reach phones exist, while there are no such problems with bulk SMS service. Like other direct methods of marketing, bulk texting does not interfere with the day to day activities of the end customer.

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Benefits of Using an SMS Gateway API

We are well into the cyber age and as we progress further, we meet technology in various different faces. Technology is changing the way we live, the way we survive and the way we behave. Technology is also changing the way we sell our products. The mindset of the consumer is changing and way cut throat competition in every industry, marketing your brand properly is important and necessary.

We are living in a fast paced and modern world where everything has become portable. Mobile phones have now become a necessity while they were a luxury a few years back. Since mobile phones are so important, they have also become a growing medium for marketing of products. Since almost everyone today carries a mobile, SMS gateway API has become a popular medium for marketing products by sending bulk SMS to users.

Sending SMS online is a great solution for business owners who would like to use the popularity of mobile phones to their advantage and most importantly, would like a medium of brand promotion which does not hit their account books hard. SMS gateway service allows business owners to reach thousands of customers within a short span of time. The biggest advantage of sending SMS from PC is that SMSes are sent through a number of different routes in order to make sure that they are delivered to the targeted recipients on time. Marketers know how important it is to make more people aware about their brand and to gain a stronger base in the market. SMS gateway is a popular method for one on one marketing. This method of marketing is effective and is much cheaper as compared to other methods of advertisement.

SMS Gateway can work wonders for any brand looking to market their brand to a large number of people at costs that are very low as compared to other methods of marketing. More and more companies are incorporating gateway SMS in their marketing strategies. The way the popularity of SMS gateway is increasing, it seems like this method marketing is here to stay. The way things appear today, SMS gateway API would surely eclipse other traditional methods of branding and marketing.

To start using SMS gateway services, all you have to do is choose a vendor and subscribe to their services. You would need an internet connection to use the services. You would be amazed to see how fast the messages are delivered to the end user. Sending SMS using these techniques ensures instant results because it is a one on one method of marketing. Small and medium enterprises have embraced SMS gateway API with both hands because they generally have a tight marketing budget and it offers cheap and effective solutions.

Another breakthrough in technology that is helping marketers reach out to potential customers is an outbound dialler. Outbound dialler software makes calls to various telephone numbers in a set pattern and is programmed to predict when a user would be available to connect with the line. With this service, the company can record a voice message and can directly send to the contact numbers of the customers. Sending out voice SMS using outbound dialler helps in creating a greater influence on customers in addition to earning profits and businesses.

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The Benefits of Sending SMS through Internet

It has been quite some time that cell phones have been in business. Other than the fact that it connects you to the world while you are on the move, it also facilitates the sending and receiving of short messages called SMS. Earlier SMS served personal purposes of exchanging information. Now, it is used to greater use. These messages are being used to advertise and market goods and services. Companies have realized that there is no better way than an SMS to reach their customers.

The whole setup of sending SMS for promotional purposes is not typing a message and sending it to each and every person on the list. The process is a little more sophisticated than sending personal messages. The SMS having information are either sent from cell numbers with 10 digits or from special numbers having 4 to 5 digits. These numbers are allotted depending on the carrier. However, it must be remembered that transaction of messages cannot be possible without an SMS gateway API. An API is commonly known as application programming interface. The API is the link between the SMS sender and the receiver. The general tasks of a similar API is to enable the sending of thousands of SMS at the same time and at minimal cost for sending updates for job, launches of new products or offers to the customers.

The general trend is to send multiple messages to the target audience for advertising products and goods. A database is created where the cell numbers of the target group is maintained. This list is created after market analysis, and the names are acquired from various sources. Bulk SMS are sent to the prospective clients making them aware of the features of the item or service that is for sale. Often these SMS encourage the participation of the recipient by asking them to reply. These replies can be in the form of questions or feedbacks. Bulk SMS services solve the monetary troubles as these SMS are provided in mass numbers and the senders buy them making the entire process inexpensive and affordable.

There are a variety of softwares available in the market that can enable the sending of mass SMS together. The campaigners assign people who are responsible for the sending out of the SMS. They send the SMS through internet. This makes the sending simple, cost effective, and saves a lot of time. By using the internet, the response of the audience can also be tracked with ease. Many a times SMS is treated as a form of voting device. With the software available, the SMS can be categorized into the various responses sent and hence the result can be ascertained within a short time frame. Also, many news channels encourage their viewers to respond by sending their views on particular news items. By directing it through the internet, the different views can be sorted and a conclusion can be reached.

In one word, the world of SMS simplifies communication and hastens the process.

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Voice SMS Service Creates an Instant Impact

If we have got used to anything in modern life so much so that our existence revolves around it, it is the cell phone. Not an hour can pass without it. Be it calling, or texting, our cell phone is an integral part of our life. This fact has been truly comprehended by people in the advertising and marketing field. So when they have to promote their products, they either call us or text us. The reason for texting to promote goods and services is simple. We are often busy, and promotional calls are not welcome. But a message does not hinder us from what we are doing. We can take a look at it when we have time.

Various companies are opting for various methods to make their products sell. One of the unique methods they are using is the voice SMS service. It is just like the text message, but instead of text, it has a voice tag. This mode of communication is proving to be quite useful. The voice messages are composed in a way, that the recipient feels that he/she is the only intended listener since they can be composed in any language. There is a limit in text message with respect to the text that can be typed. However, with a voice message, a lot can be said, and that too with emotions. Also, it serves the same purpose of calling minus the caller having to face an angry hang-up. And finally, the procedure is too simple. The voice tag has to be composed and the number to which the message needs to be sent has to be added to it. So all these facilities makes the voice SMS service a top choice for the marketing group.

Many companies want a two-way communication with the target audience. So they set up their numbers in a way where the target group can send in their queries and feedback. It has been seen that using a short code or a 4 to 5 digit number for such services works best. The short code is easy to remember and in case the recipient wants to revert with questions or suggestions, he/she is free to do so. Keeping the two way SMS option open works best for most companies as most of the time they feel that they have nailed it with their strategy. However, they may be wrong, as their approach may not be appreciated by the recipients. This 2-way communication helps to clear the air.

The marketing groups have two aims. Firstly they want to introduce the product that they are selling, and secondly, they seek feedback from the common man who is their potential buyer. To achieve these two objectives, they send SMS to mobile phones. Their research brings up a list of people who are their potential customers and they are the recipient of such messages. Most companies use the system of sending such SMS in bulk.

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The Various Facets of SMS Marketing

The art of advertising has evolved greatly and as we stand today, marketing, advertising, promoting and endorsing a product has become quite detailed. No more do the advertisers depend on the age-old methods of TV ads or newspaper ads to do their bit. The methods have become more direct and the endorsers are relying on methods that cannot miss the attention of the potential customers.

This has made SMS marketing extremely popular with several brands. The way this method functions is quite simple. The target audience receives SMS with details of the product or service that a company is selling. The details are specific and are presented in an attractive fashion. Most of these messages also have the prices of the products or services. These SMS are of two types. One is when the customer receives it and can just read it. But the second type is when the customer can reply to this SMS. The second variant is preferred by most companies as it is the best way to communicate with the clientele. The replies to these SMS are usually queries about the product. When the initial SMS catches the attention of the potential client, he/she may want to know more about it. This two way SMS facilitates this communication. The responses can also be about the SMS that was sent. People can revert back with suggestions to make these SMS more interesting.

These types of SMS are sent to the potential clients in lots. It is called the bulk SMS service. Just imagine, if a person had to sit and type each message before sending it out! This job would be tiresome, time-consuming and complicated as the SMS would have to be typed every time the message was being sent out to the long list of people. So an effective way was devised. Just as you can send the same e-mail to numerous people at one go, you can do the same in case of the SMS as well. And the best part is that this process can be executed from a PC. The sender needs to compose the SMS like an e-mail and then send it to those mobile numbers that he/she has enlisted. Usually the company that employs people to send these bulk SMS, creates a database of the mobile numbers of all those people who they think are their potential customers. All the sender has to do after composing the SMS is send the SMS to the numbers that are present in the database.

When a person receives such an SMS, he/she sees a number from where these messages have been sent. These numbers are either 10-digit numbers or 4 to 5 digit numbers and they are called the long codes and short codes respectively. Most people prefer using the long codes or the 10-digit numbers as they are not only capable of sending SMS, but can also be used for calling. These numbers can also be integrated with unified communications.

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Voice SMS Creates Greater Impact in Mobile Advertising

For a very long time, people have been trying to find different ways of marketing their products. The latest method is by using the mobile technology. Not only are people using SMS to text their product specifications to the potential clients, but they are also using these SMS to understand what the customers think about their products.

The companies which use the SMS technology to market their products use the bulk SMS gateway so that all the SMS can be routed through a mobile network to reach the customers. To be able to send bulk SMS, the senders need to create an account and have a PC. It is from the PC that they send the SMS after creating the SMS. The numbers from which such SMS are sent are either short codes or long codes. A short code reseller is one who sells the SMSs to the people who want to send bulk SMS. These short codes are 4 or 5 digit numbers that are easy for people to remember. Therefore, when a customer wants to reply to the SMS that he/she receives, the short codes come in handy. The customers can reply to the SMS with comments on the products advertised, they can also send queries about the product and there can also be suggestions about the product specifications and the advertising modes. This two way communication helps a great deal to improve the way the product is marketed. Not only does the producer understand what the customers like or dislike about the product, but the advertising methods are also tested and can be improved if necessary.

Bulk SMS helps a lot in the mobile advertising field. There is no need for anyone to sit and type a message multiple times before sending it to numerous customers. This method of bulk SMS provides an account that can store the replies of the customers and also keep a record of the SMS sent to people. This helps in future reference and comes useful for posterity. Another way that companies use to advertise goods is through voice SMS. This is simple and direct. This type of message is a short string of words that describes the product and can be sent to various mobile numbers. It is the verbal form of the text message that is sent to the users. This type of message can create a greater impact on the people who receive it. It often happens that when we receive an advertising message, we tend to ignore it and at times we delete it as well. But with a voice SMS, people can hear the entire message and understand what the advertisement is all about. The impact here is greater as there is a human voice speaking to you and once you hear something, you tend to retain it in your mind.

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