Communication in the business environment has metamorphosed in many ways. It is no longer enough to derive strategies to reach out to people in the spectrum: consumers, stakeholders, associates and employees through traditional mode of communication. Today, brand communication is all about individually connecting with people and retaining that connect.

Managing and maintaining this connect in the highly competitive market is a complex and an expensive task. IMImobile’s unique combination of robust technology and innovative commercial model allows us to offer compelling propositions for our clients. The result is mVaayoo™ the cost effective End-to-End Enterprise Mobile Messaging Service with high service level availability that is unmatched in the industry. mVaayoo™ provides both 1-Way & 2-Way communication and empowers customers with best quality, technologically advanced and highly secure customizable services.
Our Services encompass the whole gamut of mobility solutions adding immense value to enterprises by:

  • Increasing the communication speed which in turn increases the efficiency of an organization
  • Reducing the external as well as internal communication costs considerablys
  • Personalizing all the communication
  • Introducing the new customer touch point



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