SMS Short Codes are Popular in SMS Voting

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The media has emerged as a super power in the recent years and that is the reason it has become one of the biggest money spinners around. Many programs are aired that allow the viewer to participate in the program passively. If it is a dance competition, then as a viewer you can make your opinion felt by voting for the contestant you like the most. There are many shows where the viewers’ votes matter the most and based on these votes the winner is declared. Not only competitions and commercial shows, news items are also being created in this way.

This increased commercialization has made voting a top draw for many. These shows encourage voting SMS and also make sure that people cast their votes. Say you are watching the news and in an exciting break through, it is revealed that a sportsman was tested positive on drugs. The news channel will immediately ask the viewers to vote to express their thoughts whether they feel the player is guilty or not. These are nothing but money minting methods. The more the number of SMS sent for voting, more the revenue the organizers get. The people voting for these programs need to pay a certain amount to be able to send these SMS. Most often the senders get an auto-generated reply where a thanks giving message is sent to the voter. This is a personal note that is added and these messages that are sent as replies are part of the bulk SMS program that many organizations adopt.

These SMS voting system runs on the SMS short codes. Hardly will you ever see that the number at which the SMS was supposed to be sent was a 10 digit number. It is always a 4 or 5 digit number. The main reason for using this number is that commercially it works as most people find it easy to remember the same. The voting details are flashed on the screens for a very short time and in that time remembering what to vote, how to vote and which number to send these votes to is a huge task. So the short codes are easier to use and handle. Also, these numbers can be configured easily and used in most of the mobile networks making it easy to use. When people send votes in the form of messages, these are received in a computer where they are tabulated and the tally helps to determine the winning side.

Just as SMS can be received on a computer, there is also the provision to send online SMS to mobiles. It is the bulk SMS system that allows any person to install a software on his/her computer so that the SMS that are composed on the computer can be sent out to mobile phones. This helps to keep note of the SMS sent and the people they are sent to. It also helps to receive replies from the people to whom SMS have been sent. This method is employed to create a graph as to how the product is faring.

SMS has ceased to become a method to talk to friends silently and has emerged as a way to reach out to people in the form of advertisements. It has also become a tool to make sure that your opinion is heard.


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