Mobile Advertising – The Whole New Term in the Dictionary of Marketing

March 29, 2013 at 4:21 pm Leave a comment

We live in a world where advertising is the last word for everything. In such scenario where advertising is that important, just the primitive methods of advertising are not enough. That is why with the changes in technology, web advertising has come into being to solve the needs of the modern marketers.

The mobile market is rapidly growing and the growth of the mobile market is what the modern day businesses are taking advantage of. Mobile advertising have several benefits adhered with it, such as it is cheap and fast. However, just benefits are not the reasons to use mobile medium for advertisement. Statistics are evidence, the use of mobile media has increased among the common people quite many folds and the number is yet to increase. Even the experts are in favor of addressing this medium of advertising as the upcoming future of marketing. There are two basic types of mobile advertising, the first one is SMS marketing, which comprise of the message about the product and the important links that might of use to the customer. And another part is MMS, where company can add pictures of the product and send it to their customers to view.

Mobile advertising is incomplete without discussing the possibilities that bulk SMS have created. As compared to the marketing emails, marketing texts are opened and read by the users in larger ratio. By means of bulk texting  one can write a marketing message briefly and in clear words, not leaving any scope for miscommunication. Even with SMS, you can be sure that your message will reach and reach to your customers for sure. The thing that takes bulk texting above everything else is, at any point of time, you can make your text message appear personalized to the customer you are sending. Not just the MNC’s, but also the small and medium sized businesses are using bulk SMS as the mode of communication with their clients and associates to generate revenue in the business.

If you still think that sending text messages can be only done through phone, wait. The advance technology now ensures that you can send online SMS in order to fulfill the need of your business marketing. By means of SMS gateway server you can send online SMS just at a click. By means of online SMS, you can reach out to a whole lot of your customers, even those who are sitting at some other parts of the world. Alike phone texting, you can use the information about your business in online SMS and send it to the customers in your database. Even there are many websites that offers you the chance to send messages to your friends and associates at hardly any costs.



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