SMS Messaging Service: Its Growth Curve

The SMS services started as a method to stay in touch with people on the move and then it grew to become a revolution. Now it is a method to advertise and market goods on a global market.


To most people, SMS is a two way communication system. This idea germinates from the thought that SMS can be used only as a personal communication mode where one person can send a text to another and expect a reply from him/her. This communication mode till a certain time was on a personal level only. But with time the brains of the industries tried and utilized the exchange of SMS to market and advertize goods. This upgrade meant a power shift in the SMS scene.


When the SMS exchange started being used for commercial purposes, a lot of factors came into play. The first thing that became global was the ability to create groups within your phone book lists. This way you could use the SMS messaging service to send an SMS to all the members in the group at the same time. This process could be implemented on a personal and a professional level. Say you want to invite 10 of your close friends to the party you are throwing at home, then all you need to do is create a group with the names of the friends and send an SMS to all of them at the same time. You can do the same if you need to circulate some important information to your office colleagues. This saves your time and money. But this method of sending SMS cannot be conducted for hundreds of people. The service providers limit the number of people you can add to a group. When this fad caught on, the media people started to see SMS as a potential carrier for bulk SMS. The process was a little different this time.


With the help of bulk SMS providers, advertisers could buy SMS units and then send a message with the details of products and services to hundreds of people at the same time. All they need is a PC where they can compose the message, a list of names to whom the message needs to be sent and a person who will do this job. The bulk SMS services reduced efforts, cut down the cost and hasten the process of communicating with people. Initially this SMS exchange process was just one way and people could only receive these SMS and not reply to them. But as time passed and advertisers realized the need to know what their customers thought about their advertising methods. This led them to create the two way messaging system so that the recipients could also reply to them. These replies could be questions about the SMS ad, suggestions to make these ads better and also to know where these products and services are available. Unlike the group messaging system that can be used only on small groups, the bulk messaging system is a global system. It can be sent to people from far and wide and also there is no restriction of the number of people it can be sent to.

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Bulk SMS API: How it Benefits its Users

There has been a lot of discussion about the ways SMS can help to grow your business and provide you the information that you are looking for. But how the SMS service and the web service act in tandem can be understood when there is a clear picture about the API in use.

If there is one thing that people want to save more than money in today’s world, then it is time. Most of us want everything to get completed as fast as possible. That is why hand washes have been replaced by washing machines, pulsing food ingredients in a tureen has given way to choppers, mixers and grinders, and fast food joints are getting so popular. Among all these things, there is also the mobile phone that helps us to save time. It is not just about making and receiving calls; mobiles can be used as a great business tool. Now you do not need to understand the core workings of this method, but it is a good idea to have a fair understanding of the process.

We often see many cricket fans around us and on the day of an important match, they keep asking people about the score. But there are those smart people who just check their mobile phones to get the updates. You might be wondering how the mobile gives them the updates and what amount of money they are spending to get these updates. Well, these updates are inexpensive and they get these updates as they have subscribed to a site. Seems complicated? Here is the simplification…. There are several websites that provide minute to minute updates of such matches. You can subscribe to this website by creating a profile for yourself. You have to update your mobile number and also specify the types of updates you want. Here comes the function of the bulk SMS API. It acts as a middle man between the website and the subscriber. Just like you there are others too who have subscribed to these updates. The API sends out all these updates to all the subscribers at the same time. This web based SMS service works the other way round as well. People can post updates, news items and advertisements from their mobile phones on the sites they are subscribed to. The best part about using the bulk SMS API is that it is available round the clock, the messages can be sent in the form or text, picture, animation and with sound clips. Most of the websites charge a very nominal fee for subscription and sometimes there are those websites as well that offer these updates for free.

The numbers from which a user gets the updates are usually a short code or a long code. The former is a 4 or 5 digit number and the latter is a 10 digit number. Various websites have different ways of deciding which code to use to send out these messages and notification. It also depends on the mobile phone carrier and the connection provider. At times, the API also acts as a determinant as to whether the code should be short or long.

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How Mobile Advertising Came into Existence?

Just as paper and pen have given way to computers and laptops, in the same way mobile marketing is becoming the popular choice for people and they are selecting this over audio visual and print advertisement. But if one stops to wonder what has caused this change, they have to understand the process of the conventional advertisement system.

Mobile advertising is a new concept and it came only after people had tried all other means. The process of advertising is age old and it has been prevalent from the time of the Roman emperors. Ornaments were advertised on women and not mannequins during feasts and galas. Slowly the times changed and so did the attitude of people to advertisements. Print journalism became quite big and people started using it as a means to reach out to people. They allotted spaces for advertisements. With the advent of electronics came the radio. Making radio jingles became a popular method of marketing. Finally it was time for television and then came the audio visual ads. Things got serious as the world became very materialistic and people left no stone unturned to get the attention of the people they were targeting as their audience. When computers and mobile phones were introduced in the market, people first saw it as a medium to communicate with friends. But soon they expanded their horizons to realize that this could be used to advertise goods and services.

They started to send online SMS . It became a very easy mode to present before a target group the things that they needed to sell. The advantages were many and the effort was minimal. The main advantage was that the investment was extremely low. Next, there was no need to employ a group to do the work unlike audio visual advertisements where a lot of effort and manpower was required. It also did not need people to have a huge office setup to get the work going. A computer or a laptop is required with the names and mobile numbers of the target group and it is a one-man job to send all the SMS to people. In fact, this is a time saving method as all the SMS can be sent out to the intended audience at the same time. It works in the same way as sending e-mails.

Most of the entrepreneurs who use the mobile marketing method go for the bulk texting system. They employ a person to do this job. The sender needs to buy SMS units from SMS reseller and with the help of the SMS Gateway API, they are able to send out the messages to people. Normally before the process starts, the sender is provided with a list of names of all the people who are on the target audience list. This acts as a database and once the SMS has been composed, the sender enters the mobile numbers of all the intended recipients and sends the SMS so that it reaches them in one go.

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SMS Short Codes are Popular in SMS Voting

The media has emerged as a super power in the recent years and that is the reason it has become one of the biggest money spinners around. Many programs are aired that allow the viewer to participate in the program passively. If it is a dance competition, then as a viewer you can make your opinion felt by voting for the contestant you like the most. There are many shows where the viewers’ votes matter the most and based on these votes the winner is declared. Not only competitions and commercial shows, news items are also being created in this way.

This increased commercialization has made voting a top draw for many. These shows encourage voting SMS and also make sure that people cast their votes. Say you are watching the news and in an exciting break through, it is revealed that a sportsman was tested positive on drugs. The news channel will immediately ask the viewers to vote to express their thoughts whether they feel the player is guilty or not. These are nothing but money minting methods. The more the number of SMS sent for voting, more the revenue the organizers get. The people voting for these programs need to pay a certain amount to be able to send these SMS. Most often the senders get an auto-generated reply where a thanks giving message is sent to the voter. This is a personal note that is added and these messages that are sent as replies are part of the bulk SMS program that many organizations adopt.

These SMS voting system runs on the SMS short codes. Hardly will you ever see that the number at which the SMS was supposed to be sent was a 10 digit number. It is always a 4 or 5 digit number. The main reason for using this number is that commercially it works as most people find it easy to remember the same. The voting details are flashed on the screens for a very short time and in that time remembering what to vote, how to vote and which number to send these votes to is a huge task. So the short codes are easier to use and handle. Also, these numbers can be configured easily and used in most of the mobile networks making it easy to use. When people send votes in the form of messages, these are received in a computer where they are tabulated and the tally helps to determine the winning side.

Just as SMS can be received on a computer, there is also the provision to send online SMS to mobiles. It is the bulk SMS system that allows any person to install a software on his/her computer so that the SMS that are composed on the computer can be sent out to mobile phones. This helps to keep note of the SMS sent and the people they are sent to. It also helps to receive replies from the people to whom SMS have been sent. This method is employed to create a graph as to how the product is faring.

SMS has ceased to become a method to talk to friends silently and has emerged as a way to reach out to people in the form of advertisements. It has also become a tool to make sure that your opinion is heard.

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Bulk SMS Service for the Businesses to Shine

SMS technology was initially built to exchange short messages for personal purposes, but successively it has emerged as one of the crucial tools for the marketing of numerous services and products. From MNC’s to SMB’s, each and every company is choosing SMS as their way of communication with their clients. Also SMS has a very personalized tone that helps to build better rapport with the clients as compared to other modes of marketing.
Bulk SMS is the most common mode of sending SMSs to thousands of customers in a short span. When you are sending SMS to anyone, the first concern that people have is regarding the delivery of the message. With Bulk SMS service you can be 100 percent sure that your message will be delivered and reach in time. Since the time SMS was adopted as a tool for marketing, various studies were conducted to determine the success rate of SMS and the results were amazing. The results of the studies only indicated towards the glorious future of SMS marketing with almost 8 times response rate as compared to emails and telemarketing. Bulk SMS service is widely popular throughout the globe as it generates more number of sales as well as new leads with minimum expense.
To make an instant impact on the customers, business are choosing short codes that is fast and simple yet effective. Short code is basically a 5 digit number that is easy to remember and you can both send and receive SMS through these short codes. Often these codes are noticeable in TV programs as well as used by the telecom companies for interaction with their customers. By means of Short code marketing, your clients or customer can opt for several options by dialing that code from their mobile phones. By means of using these codes you can successively engage them in the process rather than convincing them by the long telemarketing calls, which is quite monotonous and your potential customer tends to disconnect the call without listening completely. Here your customer hardly gets a chance to think twice and it is quite simple too for each of your customer to understand.
With the revolutionary changes in technology, you can easily get good business by using bulk SMS API . But it is important first to discuss, what API is actually. For instance, if you have a website, that gives regular cricket update to the fans when they get logged in to your website, but how come that person will be getting updates, when he has not logged into your website. That is when API or Application Programming Interface becomes beneficial. If that person logs into your website and sign in as a user and put his phone number there, he / she will start getting updates about several topics, no matter where he is located geographically. With bulk SMS API, several customers can be reached at a time.

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Mobile Advertising – The Whole New Term in the Dictionary of Marketing

We live in a world where advertising is the last word for everything. In such scenario where advertising is that important, just the primitive methods of advertising are not enough. That is why with the changes in technology, web advertising has come into being to solve the needs of the modern marketers.

The mobile market is rapidly growing and the growth of the mobile market is what the modern day businesses are taking advantage of. Mobile advertising have several benefits adhered with it, such as it is cheap and fast. However, just benefits are not the reasons to use mobile medium for advertisement. Statistics are evidence, the use of mobile media has increased among the common people quite many folds and the number is yet to increase. Even the experts are in favor of addressing this medium of advertising as the upcoming future of marketing. There are two basic types of mobile advertising, the first one is SMS marketing, which comprise of the message about the product and the important links that might of use to the customer. And another part is MMS, where company can add pictures of the product and send it to their customers to view.

Mobile advertising is incomplete without discussing the possibilities that bulk SMS have created. As compared to the marketing emails, marketing texts are opened and read by the users in larger ratio. By means of bulk texting  one can write a marketing message briefly and in clear words, not leaving any scope for miscommunication. Even with SMS, you can be sure that your message will reach and reach to your customers for sure. The thing that takes bulk texting above everything else is, at any point of time, you can make your text message appear personalized to the customer you are sending. Not just the MNC’s, but also the small and medium sized businesses are using bulk SMS as the mode of communication with their clients and associates to generate revenue in the business.

If you still think that sending text messages can be only done through phone, wait. The advance technology now ensures that you can send online SMS in order to fulfill the need of your business marketing. By means of SMS gateway server you can send online SMS just at a click. By means of online SMS, you can reach out to a whole lot of your customers, even those who are sitting at some other parts of the world. Alike phone texting, you can use the information about your business in online SMS and send it to the customers in your database. Even there are many websites that offers you the chance to send messages to your friends and associates at hardly any costs.


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Send Two Way Bulk SMS through Internet and Advertise Your Product

From the time internet came into existence, the sky has been the limit for netizens. Be it social networking, gathering information about people and things, or even communicating with people all of these activities have been a cake walk. Some people have also used it as a way to promote and advertise goods and services that they sell. Owing to these activities, these actions have been whetted and now people can use the internet to even send out SMS to others, be it for personal use like chatting or for promotional activities like advertising.

Nowadays, more and more companies are opting for the option where they can send SMS through internet and make their target audience aware of the products that they are selling. These companies first create a database of their potential customers and then hire people who are supposed to send out SMS to these people. The SMS senders do not need a high profile base to be able to do this job. All they need is a computer with an internet connection and an account from where these SMS are going to be sent out. These messages are generally short and crisp, and contain details of the advertised product along with its price details, places of availability and its utility selling proposition. Special care is taken to create these SMS as the companies who employ this tactic know that the recipients of the SMS will not have the entire day to read the SMS. Due to this short time span, they create SMS that can send out the message of the seller loud and clear even if it is with the help of a few words only.

Generally, the senders do not send out one or two SMS at a time and make sure that the message goes out in bulk. The main aim of sending out bulk SMS is to be able to save time and money. As a matter of fact, it would be humanly impossible to send out the same message to the several hundreds of people in the target audience list. So, this method works as these SMS are send out via internet. The sender has to place the message content in the content box and type in all the mobile numbers of those people on the list. Once this message is sent, the recipients receive the SMS in a matter of minutes. This is possible because the mobile networks use the SMS gateway API to complete this process. Some of the SMS only deliver the message and some are two way SMS that allows the recipient to revert back to the sender with questions and suggestions. The latter variant helps to create a bond between the potential buyer and the seller as the buyers can present their queries about the product if they are interested. They can also send suggestions to improve the promotion of the product.

The new age advertising with the help of SMS and internet has changed the face of product promotion.
SMS does not only serve the purpose of saying ‘hi’ and ‘bye’ to friends, it can also be used as an advertising tool if used intelligently. Let us take a look at how it can be done.

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Bulk SMS India – A New Mobile Revolution

India was woken up to a new mobile revolution and it is that of the bulk SMS. This system is taking the country by storm as several companies, government institutions and organizations are making use of it to reach out to people. Be it to inform people about a general protocol or to promote an upcoming event or the launch of a product, bulk SMS is being used almost everywhere. It can be used in a varied number of places.


The chain of bulk SMS in India is currently quite diverse. Say for example, the police department needs to make an announcement about a protocol that they will be introducing. The easiest way to make people aware of it is by sending bulk SMS to all the people. They can promote it elsewhere as well, like in the newspapers and the radio, but nothing reaches out to people more than an SMS. The same goes with nonprofit organizations. If an organization wishes to organize a candle light march to protest a certain activity, all they need to do is send out bulk SMS to the people of that area and appeal to them to join it, and the work is done. The turn around will be more than expected.


With every passing day, more and more organizations are useing this process to reach out to people as it is fast and cost effective, The mobile networks use bulk SMS gateway, which is a software and that helps the bulk SMS to reach the intended audience within a matter of minutes. Even though there is heavy network traffic, the SMS reach the intended audience fast and in time. This software also helps to transfer several SMS at a time and that makes a better impact. It would not make sense if one SMS reached a person now and the same SMS reached someone else an hour later. That way it would be difficult to synchronize the activities. This software takes away all these worries and makes sure that the impact that the sender wants to create, happens and with effect.


This bulk SMS system is also being used to vote. There are various TV shows that encourage viewers to respond by voting. These can be competitions, TV sagas, or even news items. The viewers are required to vote in favor of their favorite contestant, or the incident that they liked most or even the vote for their reaction to a real life news item. The voting SMS  system makes the viewers more involved in whatever is being telecast and that helps the TV show producers to understand the trend that the common public is following. This way a pattern is being set and people are becoming more vocal about their choices.


Overall, the bulk SMS system is making its presence felt in every nook and cranny of the society and common people are relying on this communication mode for the vital information that keeps their life going in full swing. India is becoming dependent on the bulk SMS system for the decisions the common man is making and the information that is being circulated in society.

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Marketing Benefits of Bulk Texting

SMS or short messaging service is a method of communication in which one user send a short text or picture message to another user using a cell phone. SMS has become a really popular method of communication because of the ever increasing popularity of cell phones. As technology has improved in the cyber age, SMS can also be sent through a website while earlier it was only possible to send a SMS between two cell phones.

Relationship between bulk texting and marketing

Bulk texting is a one to one approach of marketing where a potential or present customer gets information about the brand directly on their cell phones. Two way messaging has been found to be really beneficial for small and medium enterprises as they have a restricted marketing budget. With SMS marketing, they can ensure that they reach a large customer base directly without spending a large amount of money.

Advantages of two way messaging

The biggest advantage of bulk messaging is that it is cost effective. When compared to other methods of direct marketing like phone calls and one on one surveys, SMS texting is much cheaper and hence is beneficial for small and medium enterprises.

Another advantage is that bulk messaging requires minimum market research and a text marketing campaign can be started irrespective of the season or marketing trend. Potential customers can be reached at any time of the year, irrespective of the season.

These premium SMS service has an added advantage which allows customising SMSes very easily. Marketers can customise their messages according to the target base so that they can ensure better conversion rates as compared to more conventional marketing or advertising methods. Customised messages would ensure improved sales and increased exposure for the brand.

The success rate of a text message delivery is also an added advantage. Market surveys indicate that over 95% of cell phone users have their cell phones with them at any particular time. Further surveys also indicate that 94% of the text messages that are sent using two way messaging services are delivered to the end user. When we compare this with social media, only 9% of social media users are online at any particular time. Other direct methods of marketing also don’t fare well. For example, when we talk about phone calls, problems like busy users, switched off phones and out of reach phones exist, while there are no such problems with bulk SMS service. Like other direct methods of marketing, bulk texting does not interfere with the day to day activities of the end customer.

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Benefits of Using an SMS Gateway API

We are well into the cyber age and as we progress further, we meet technology in various different faces. Technology is changing the way we live, the way we survive and the way we behave. Technology is also changing the way we sell our products. The mindset of the consumer is changing and way cut throat competition in every industry, marketing your brand properly is important and necessary.

We are living in a fast paced and modern world where everything has become portable. Mobile phones have now become a necessity while they were a luxury a few years back. Since mobile phones are so important, they have also become a growing medium for marketing of products. Since almost everyone today carries a mobile, SMS gateway API has become a popular medium for marketing products by sending bulk SMS to users.

Sending SMS online is a great solution for business owners who would like to use the popularity of mobile phones to their advantage and most importantly, would like a medium of brand promotion which does not hit their account books hard. SMS gateway service allows business owners to reach thousands of customers within a short span of time. The biggest advantage of sending SMS from PC is that SMSes are sent through a number of different routes in order to make sure that they are delivered to the targeted recipients on time. Marketers know how important it is to make more people aware about their brand and to gain a stronger base in the market. SMS gateway is a popular method for one on one marketing. This method of marketing is effective and is much cheaper as compared to other methods of advertisement.

SMS Gateway can work wonders for any brand looking to market their brand to a large number of people at costs that are very low as compared to other methods of marketing. More and more companies are incorporating gateway SMS in their marketing strategies. The way the popularity of SMS gateway is increasing, it seems like this method marketing is here to stay. The way things appear today, SMS gateway API would surely eclipse other traditional methods of branding and marketing.

To start using SMS gateway services, all you have to do is choose a vendor and subscribe to their services. You would need an internet connection to use the services. You would be amazed to see how fast the messages are delivered to the end user. Sending SMS using these techniques ensures instant results because it is a one on one method of marketing. Small and medium enterprises have embraced SMS gateway API with both hands because they generally have a tight marketing budget and it offers cheap and effective solutions.

Another breakthrough in technology that is helping marketers reach out to potential customers is an outbound dialler. Outbound dialler software makes calls to various telephone numbers in a set pattern and is programmed to predict when a user would be available to connect with the line. With this service, the company can record a voice message and can directly send to the contact numbers of the customers. Sending out voice SMS using outbound dialler helps in creating a greater influence on customers in addition to earning profits and businesses.

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